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Ajax Iota

With a complete system for the detection of treasures from long distances and high techniques ..
In order to provide the best detection data with a long range detector
systems, AJAX for detector technology produced the best and most advanced IOTA device
advanced between high-ion ion systems and detectors.

Note: All AJAX products come with a two-year warranty.


  • IOTA provides you with multiple functions to start a successful treasure hunt, with built-in and clear data around the target point, which allows you to determine the depth of the detected target with great accuracy.
  • The interconnection of results through interactive indicators allows you to locate the target with up to 100% accuracy, and to know the size or estimated mass of the detected target, which gives you a clear report before the excavation process.
  • This device is based on the ion detection system for locating gold and underground burial treasures up to 20 meters and 200 meters deep, you can use this device in the car because it has a large capacity and fast response for locating and recognizing target locations with the ability to store results for retrieval.


  • IOTA has many features for locating long-distance targets through the long-range ionic system.
  • The modern and unique design, which gives you the strength and confidence to easily complete your explorations, is easy to detect, light and easy to use.
  • This device is manufactured and designed entirely and all its parts and components in the Ajax factory for detection techniques without the use of external components, which gives the device high performance, reliability and quality that is unmatched.
  • High quality design designed to operate in extreme conditions and resistant to environmental noise.
  • Colorful screen for displaying results and settings in size of 5 inches, allows the user to control the overall settings of the device and display the search results and features.
  • Ideal interfaces and programs that give you precise control and ease of use of the device when searching.
  • The main battery compartment inside the device carrying handle can be opened and closed, in which it is easy to replace the battery if it is damaged without having to open the main part of the device.
  • Base power allows the device to operate for 5 consecutive hours of operation at maximum audio levels and search screen brightness levels.
  • External headphones, which allow you to hear clear search results and alerts with convenient and varied audio results in MP3 and WAVES.
  • The charger output, which allows fast and smart battery charging for high efficiency and proper charging.
  • The multi-task search system input socket, through which you can select the system you want to work with, has an advanced mechanical mechanism to disassemble and install the search sensor without effort or time.
  • Interconnection control keys, anti-vibration mechanism and humidity work at the touch of a button, which gives you full control of the program and device settings on the screen.
• After extensive research and studies conducted in our ionic system, we have created and developed a very high level of long range (ionic system), which allows the rapid identification and detection of ions (electric atoms) of precious metals buried underground, such as gold, silver, bronze, copper and platinum.
• This system operates through special electronic operating and processing systems with advanced search and configuration interface that allows the user to adjust the system and balance to achieve guaranteed results that determine the position of the target professionally.
• The results display shows the interactive results that show the signal strength level and is significantly affected each time the target is approached, with a system indicator to determine the accurate target.
• Interactive sounds synchronized with the signal and its power, where significantly affected interact by its purpose and size.
• This system is equipped with a smart program for determining its depth target based on the strength detection of the reflective effects of ionic levels route.
• The main detection factor in this system is high sensitivity, multiple processing options and the module (High Gain Antenna), which contains integrated electronics High specification circuits, many features and functions in signal transmission and reception and transfer to the motherboard in the device for signal processing and display of on-screen results, and this unit is protected by the latest ways to deal with all soil conditions and properties.
Maximum depth 20 meters, the depth of the target can
determined by the identification program
It can detect up to 200 meters.
Objectives Ionization categories of precious metals: gold, silver, bronze, platinum and copper.
85 MHz.
Sound effects Yes, this system also gives optional
acoustic and vibrating effects.
Digital indicators Yes, interactive indicators.
Manually, to receive guaranteed


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