Golden Mask 6

Golden Mask 6

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Golden Mask 6 is a VLF metal detector for all uses that operates in 3 frequencies: 5, 15 or 30 kHz. With these three frequencies, all your needs will be met perfectly - 5 kHz for heirlooms, treasures, treasures. 15 kHz for coin download and general use and 30 kHz for gold search, tiny gold jewelry or other illegible metals and targets. Combined with the new Fighter S search coil, this is a true machine to cover every search style in any type of terrain - from unorganized to highly mineralized. The electronic detector is improved and the detector performs well on all three frequencies. You will be able to go deeper and achieve better productivity on the field, in the forest or on the beach.
In this model the Golden Mask implements for the first time a real menu system with user-modified modifications. This way you can quickly change, for example, from coins to heirlooms with just two button clicks. You can modify the preset settings (called & quot; programs & quot; in the menu) and if you change the settings, you have the option to quickly return to factory defaults. The Golden Mask 6 uses the same telescopic shaft as the previous model. Wireless functionality is implemented as a standard. There is a LITE version without wireless functionality for clients with a limited budget.
The Golden Mask 6 control block is waterproof - you can not sink it, but you can continue to use the detector in the rain.
The menu is in English only.

 Included in this kit:

Gold mask 6 detector with telescopic carbon shaft Search coil (selected user) + search coil protector. Wireless headphones. LiIon rechargeable battery and dedicated charger,
Battery cover



Gold mask 6 technical specifications

  • Brand:
  • Golden mask
  • Model:
  • 6
  • Technology:
  • Vlf

  • Frequency:
  • 5, 15 and 30 kHz
  • Ground balance:
  • manual and automatic
  • Search function:
  • motion, one-tone all-metal, two-tone
  • Checks:
  • Exclusive menu system with presets
  • Screw type:
  • Gm of multiple frequencies
  • Weight (including batteries):
  • 1.4 kg with 13x11 inch S fighter search coil
  • Battery:
  • LiIon 3000 mAh battery with special charger
  • Battery life:
  • minimum 12 hours
  • Wireless headphones:
  • Yes, WS105 or WS106
  • Headphone jack:
  • 6.35 mm
  • Charger:
  • Dedicated li-ion charger, 100-220V, e-plug
  • Warranty:
  • 5 years - the electronics panel. 2 years - everything else except the batteries